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Subcontract EDM Services




Most of our revenue comes from carrying out subcontract work for other engineering businesses

Our understanding of the specific requirements of subcontracting has enabled us to prosper. – Confidentiality, Honesty, Keeping Commitments, Quality, Service and Value are our standard

To help our engineering customers win work we pride ourselves in providing an accurate quotation quickly within a few hours and for straightforward request within minutes.

With 15 CNC Wire and Spark erosion machines we have an excellent level of capacity that enables us to take on large orders and also handle small urgent requests.

We have in-house CNC Milling and Turning capability – this enables us to be fully self sufficient for jigs, fixtures and any electrodes that we require for spark eroding.

We aim to be the preferred supplier for the best companies – please give us a try



Our clients say…

You were very prompt at wire eroding all the components. The speed you dealt with our order combined with your usual superb quality meant we kept our customer happy and they will now give us more business
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