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In June we went ahead with planned investment and installed an Easy Ro (Reverse Osmosis Water De-ionisation) system to provide better quality water more economically to our wire erosion and EDM hole drilling machines.

What is different?
We have installed the EasyRo system, which converts tap water to de-ionised (Demineralised) water this has the ideal conductivity to run our EDM machines at their optimum accuracy and speed. This system has eliminated the need for 90% of the de-ionising resin based ion exchange units that we used and the constant maintenance and supply of specialist consumable resin that these required.

The system was supplied and installed by the excellent team at Makrep – who carry out all servicing, installation, repairs and Nadcap certification on our Mitsubishi machines




The benefits
We are already seeing good savings in running costs, the unit requires only low power single phase electrical supply when in use, compared to using 100 kg per month of resin and of course the time required to carry out exchange and disposal of exhausted resin.

The quality and electrical conductivity of the water in our machines is now far better controlled, this improves the performance of the machine in terms of both accuracy and speed

The unit produces water with optimum pH-values and extremely low conductance, this supports reduced corrosion of a work piece, even when there are long cut times and a component must be submerged for a long period of time.

As you can see from the picture the unit has a compact design and is wall mounted so we have gained floor space