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After a strong performance over the first six months of 2019 we are currently completing assessments on a further investment, to strengthen our wire eroding section.

Even though we have been wire-eroding for nearly 27 years, we have made visits to see demonstrations from potential machine suppliers to understand the latest technology and are comparing these with the equipment we already have.

We are fortunate that wire erosion machines have long lives and if looked after and maintained properly can give excellent service. One of the main reasons for the longevity is that although they are complex with many moving parts and need to deliver fantastic precision – they do not apply a load (force) to the parts they are cutting unlike milling and turning so its only wear part that need replacing. To find out more about the process you can see our short video. https://youtu.be/liFRg0UPaiE

When the new machine is delivered and commissioned we will post some pics.