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Greyhound racing at Towcester

A good night was had by all at Towcester Greyhound Races – except Vinny who sadly could make it.

In celebration of both Leoric and Stephen successfully completing their probation period, we all had a “night out at the dogs”…..

Company Videos

We have just started shooting a series of four videos – these will be completed in July and then we will be updating our website to make it more mobile friendly….

Our New CNC CMM With Optical Has Arrived

We had our new CNC Coordinate Measuring Machine commissioned on Thursday 9th July and three of our team spent several days last week at the Aberlink HQ having intensive training….

Superb quality holes

Silverstone Park were so impressed with the capabilites of our new hole drilling machine that they have written about it on their web site


Please take a look.

Christmas meal 2014

This year it was the Thai Modern in Milton Keynes.

The Christmas Banquet Menu was good, Ashley arranged quite a tricky quiz and the Secret Santa created a few good suprises, fortunately Tony didn’t try on his mankini….